7 Things You Need to Know Before You Buy a Nissan...

Before You Buy an Nissan...7 Things You Need to Know


Thinking about a Nissan? You’ve been shopping around and you are pretty sure you understand enough about the vehicle you want to make an informed decision. You may be right, but here are 7 things that you absolutely must be aware of before you purchase a Nissan.


1. In 2013, Nissan was the sixth largest automaker in the world, after Toyota, General Motors, Volkswagen Group, Hyundai Motor Group, and Ford. But in these 3 countries, it is the leading Jap make:China, Russia and Mexico. And those two facts are simply amazing!

2. In 2017, the Rogue became the most popular crossover SUV in the nation because of its  savvy design, consumer trends, strategic marketing and a little help from the force.

3. Nissan is the 9th most popular car maker and the 4th most famous. Nissan is described by fans as: Well made, Good quality, Good value for money, Stylish and Excellent customer service by the brand perception website YouGov.

4. The 2011 Versa has been named one of the most reliable models of the sub-compact category.  Consumer Reports describe it as a class act. Some of the attributes that are mentioned are: an absorbent ride, a smooth powertrain, a quiet cabin, and a roomy rear seat.

5. Guess who is the the largest electric car maker? Of course, Nissan is. And not only that, global sales were at 300,000 on 2017. Light as a Leaf (pun intended) this champion is the top-selling highway-capable plug-in electric car in history.

6. The Nissan GT-R, as the rare gem it is, retains 61% of its value after 3 years, joining the Frontier for the same percentage in the Forbes list of the cars with the best resale values. Some cars just stay magical.

7. If you are looking for a very low cost car in a 5-year span, the Versa S makes the cut! At a very low depreciation rate, this is a car you can’t miss!


With an impeccable track record, Nissan has quite a reputation for technology and reliability! Don’t miss an opportunity to get into one of the most acclaimed models of this make. From coupes to SUV, the nissan reputation doesn’t disappoint! We have plenty of options waiting for you at our CarVision dealership!


The type of car you choose is important, and so is the company you choose to form a relationship with when you are ready to buy. CarVision.com received the 2017 Consumer Satisfaction Award from DealerRater. With nearly 1,000 reviews from highly satisfied customers, this locally-owned and operated dealership has a long history of going above and beyond the call of duty to turn customers into life-long friends.

You can speak with a customer service representative about CarVision’s extensive inventory of Nissan vehicles in Norristown, PA, by calling (888) 426-6974 or you can also check it out yourself here. You can also find details about the cars available for sale right now by visiting CarVision.com.

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