Check Out These Three Trade-Ups Your Mitsubishi Wants This Summer!

Routine car maintenance is not an exciting subject, and it’s one most people rarely, to never, think about. But, you should take care of your Mitsubishi better, even if you’ve been observing the maintenance schedules in your owner’s manual. By trading up, or performing maintenance at a higher level than you have been, you can improve how your car runs, and how long it lasts.

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Use Good Windshield Washer Fluid

The cheaper brands of windshield washer fluid are not much more than tinted water. You need something more substantial, like a brand that has detergent in it, to remove sticky deposits and stains from your windshield. The best grades of windshield washer fluid help reduce glare, make bug removal easier, resist freezing, and resist smearing. Also, some brands of windshield washer fluid prevent window fogging and clogging of the line from the washer fluid reservoir.

Use Synthetic Oil Instead of Conventional Oil

As long as you don’t have a really old car, like from the 1970s or the 1980s, it will probably take synthetic oil or at least a blend of synthetic and conventional oil. Synthetic oil usually provides better lubrication, and reduces friction, compared to conventional oil. Synthetic oil is also better for a car’s engine at extremes of temperature; very cold and very hot. You can also get longer intervals, or more miles, between oil and filter changes with synthetic oil. Also, synthetic oil resists breakdown from engine heat better than conventional oil. Improved fuel economy is a possible benefit, and possibly longer engine life.

Performance Air Filters

Cheaper air filters are made of paper, and generally must be replaced every 15,000 miles; they cannot be cleaned and reused. Performance air filters are made of cotton fibers; they are much better at filtering the air that goes into your engine than paper air filters. Performance air filters can be cleaned and reused, and may need cleaning only every 50,000 miles. Plus, performance air filters can reduce the chance of engine damage from debris.

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