Great Deal! But what’s a Buyback?


What is a BuyBack? Is it a defective car?

A BuyBack is a vehicle that a previous customer has purchased, and when the customer wants to buy a new car, as goodwill to keep a good relationship with the customer we buy it back. and yes, sometimes the car has defects that are too expensive for the customer to afford, or the parts are not readily available, but this is not the case at all times.

How Safe is a BuyBack?

All BuyBacks comply with safety standards. It is mandatory that all cars are inspected and fixed, if necessary.

How can CarVision assure me that the car was fixed?

CarVision’s first priority is their customers and the reputation that we hold in our community. when we repurchase a vehicle, we won’t sell it unless it complies with all safety measures. Rest assured that all of our BuyBacks are in tiptop condition, and have been thoroughly inspected to make sure the next customer doesn’t have any issues.

Why are the prices of BuyBacks much lower? Does the dealership want to sell this car fast?

Actually, most of the time, the cost of fixing the BuyBacks is even higher than what we sell it for, that’s why the prices might be much lower, not because we want to sell it ASAP. But of course, we want to sell all the cars in our lot!

Will a manufacturer buyback show up on my vehicles title?

Not every state is required to note on the vehicle’s title if it was once repurchased. It will vary from state to state.

How hard is it to resell a buyback vehicle?

Not harder than any other car. There is always someone looking for buybacks, it’s actually a big audience. When/if you do decide to sell your repurchased vehicle, you will receive a reduced price just as you were given the reduced price when you purchased your car.

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