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September 25th, 2018 by

It’s autumn, which means it’s officially time for football season, back to school, pumpkin spice, and the changing leafs. It’s also a great time to check up on your Norristown Mitsubishi vehicle and make sure everything is running up to par. To learn how you can get your car ready for autumn, just continue reading this blog post.

As the weather cools down, it’s a good idea to get your car ready for the winter months. Icy roads means well-functioning brakes are a must have. Have your brakes evaluated this fall to get your vehicle ready for the weather. Another part of your vehicle that should be checked is the lights. Make sure your headlights, tail lights, blinkers, emergency flashers, parking lights, and brake lights are all working well. Repair any broken bulbs or clean off the lights so they shine bright during the darker days that fall brings.

When prepping your car for autumn, don’t forget the wiper blades. Typically, autumn brings rain and debris that can cause poor visibility when behind the wheel. To keep your windshield clean, make sure to repair or replace your windshield wipers. Another part of your car you should check up on is the battery. Cooler weather requires a fully charged battery. If your battery has collected corrosion or is running low on power, replace the battery before winter approaches.

Autumn is an ideal time to check up on the fluid levels of your vehicle. Make sure your oil has been changed and your air filter is clear. This way your car can operate safely and efficiently. Additionally, don’t forget about your heat. Visit the Car Vision service garage to make sure the heat in your car is working. Traveling during the colder months can be very uncomfortable and damaging to a vehicle without proper heating.

Now that you know how to get your car ready for autumn, be sure to make your way to Car Vision Mitsubishi! Visit our service department for routine maintenance, repairs, and check-ups. Contact our service garage at 610-624-6528, or visit us at 2626 Ridge Pike in Norristown.

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