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Car Vision and DriveHere Team Updates

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March 24, 2020


We have two possible COVID-19 infections among our Norristown team.

While we do not have this fully confirmed yet, we are letting everyone know right away so you can keep yourselves as safe as possible. We encourage all current and laid-off Norristown employees to take extra precautions to protect their loved ones.

The following actions are recommended:

  • Keep a 6-foot from everyone (even at home) for 14 days since the last day you worked in Norristown;
  • Regularly wash your hands and have all members of your household do the same;
  • Do not touch surfaces that you know others will touch as well;
  • If you develop symptoms, please seek medical attention immediately;
  • Read reputable online resources on sites such as and follow their recommendations.

A further update on this will be provided tomorrow. Stay strong and be safe!

March 23, 2020


The UC numbers in yesterday’s email were missing the letter “m” at the end. The following are the correct numbers: Employer’s UC Number:

  • Car Vision / DTC Corporation: 86-17638m
  • DriveHere.Com, Inc.: 86-34694m
  • Peoples Commerce, Inc.: 76-20874m
  • Very Happy Cars, Inc.: 76-21290m

Note that these are not necessary, so if you have already applied, do not worry about trying to fix this.

At the end of the Unemployment Compensation application, you get a notice that you should register with a job-search website within 30 days. There is no need for you to do this at this stage (unless you want to). You have 30 days to do so. Hopefully, by then we will be reopened and you will be back at work.

March 22, 2020


First, we encourage all of you to apply for Unemployment Compensation on If you need more help, please visit this Step-by-Step Interactive Guide:

Here are some of the specific answers you may need:

Employer Name:

  • if you worked for Car Vision (Philly or Norristown), then Answer: DTC Corporation
  • if you worked for (Conshohocken), then Answer: DriveHere.Com, Inc.
  • if you worked for Peoples Commerce (Conshohocken), then Answer: Peoples Commerce, Inc.
  • if you worked for Very Happy Cars (Norristown), then Answer: Very Happy Cars, Inc.

What is the reason you are no longer employed by this employer?

  • Answer: LAID OFF

Were you told by this employer that you would be recalled to your job?

  • Answer: NO

Employer’s UC Number:

  • Car Vision / DTC Corporation: 8617638M
  • DriveHere.Com, Inc.: 8634694M
  • Peoples Commerce, Inc.: 7620874M
  • Very Happy Cars, Inc.: 7621290M


We are here to answer your questions. Please call or write the person on the following list with whom you worked closest before the layoff, and he/she will answer your questions:

March 21, 2020

Here you can Find the Link to the Pa COVID-19 Unemployment Page
Pa Covid 19 Link

Step by Step interactive page
Step by Step Interactive Page Link

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